What system best suits your organisation

Thesaurus Technology offers two different software solutions which are Universal Office and Universal Anywhere. It is important to choose which one is most suited to your organisation to allow the software to work effectively for you. The software is the same for both options but it is the way that it is accessed that is the difference.

  Universal Office

Universal Office is a Microsoft Windows based system where the database resides in the agent’s office(s). This solution is more suitable for smaller organisations where remote access to a central database in not required. Property data can be shared in a read only manner between branches for brochure creation and applicant matching; however each branch maintains control of their own property data.

This system is charged per branch (8 user license).

  • Universal office is designed for a single branch which does not require a connection to an alternative site or office.
  • The system is run in one location and can be set up where by multiple PCs can connect together on the system via a typical office network.
  • It is a charged on a branch based licence of £59 per month for sales or rentals system or £89 per month for both.
  • You can have up to eight PCs connected together in one office on the Universal system.

  Universal Anywhere

Universal Anywhere is a Microsoft Windows based system where a single central database resides on Thesaurus Technology servers, with all users accessing directly over a broadband Internet connection. This solution is more suitable for larger organisations or where the ability for accessing and updating the same database from different remote locations (e.g. working from home or multiple offices) is required.


This system is charged per concurrent user.

  • Universal Anywhere is designed for agents with multiple branches or agents who wish to access Universal out of the office. Users can access the Universal system anywhere as long as they have access to a broadband internet connection.
  • There is no need for the software to be installed, setup, or networked all of this is done by Thesaurus Technology and users are simply given logon details to access Universal anywhere be it in the office or off site.
  • It is a charged on a user based licence of 35 per month. This price is reflective of the cost we incur because of Microsoft terminal server licences, hosting, and bandwidth traffic.
  • You can have as many different users accessing the same Universal Anywhere database at any one time.

Customers who currently have Universal Office can upgrade to Universal Anywhere relatively simply.

For further information or advice on which set up would be best for your organisation, feel free to contact us on 0845 83 82 666 .