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Using Tenant Shop in Universal

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The Tenant Shop facility within Universal allows a 'New Lead' to be created, updated and promoted to a 'New Tenant' which can then be vacated.

Important: All information added or amended within this Tenant Shop window is only passed across to Tenant Shop and not stored within Universal.

How to add your Tenant Shop ID:

  • Go to Tools > Maintenance (System Settings) - You will need to be logged in as the Admin

  • Image

  • Select the System Settings tab, scroll down to Tenant Shop Id and replace blank with your unique ID followed by the Save button.

  • Image

    How to create a 'New Lead' record:

    • Find the appropriate tenancy then press the Tenant Shop button.

    • Image

    • Enter all the details you would like to transfer to Tenant Shop and press Create.


    • This message will appear if the details that Tenant Shop needs are left blank.


    • Enter all required details and press Create.


    • The following message will appear if the details have been added successfully.


    How to update a 'New Lead' record:

    • Details can be updated by pressing the Update button.


    How to promote a 'New Lead' record:

    • A Lead can be promoted to a New Tenant record by pressing the Promote button.


    How to vacate a 'New Tenant' record:

    • When the tenancy is due to end within two weeks or less a Vacate button will appear allowing the tenant to be converted from 'New Tenant' to 'Vacating Tenant'.


    • Additional details will need to be entered.


    • The following message will appear if the tenant has been successfully converted


    • Additional details added while vacating a tenant can be viewed on the Vacate Details tab


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