Property Maintenance Reporting for estate agents

Maintenance repair request

Allow your tenants to report maintenance issues on rental properties. Requests will sync directly into Universal, where they are managed through to completion.

  •  Easy access via your website 24/7
  •  No need for tenants to enter property or contact details
  •  Simple questions that drill down to the specific problem
  •  Smartphone & tablet friendly
  •  Upload multiple images of the issue
  •  Email alerts
  •  Data sync directly into Universal


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tenant queries?  manage them directly with Universal

Property Maintenance Questions

Account Setup

In Universal you assign a password for your tenants. Then simply email the password and link to your website where maintenance issues can now be raised.

Tenants can also get the password sent to their registered email address via the website, if they have forgotten. This is all done via the website without the need to contact your office, meaning it is perfect for out of hours requests.

User Access

Reporting the issue

When the tenant has successfully logged in they are presented with a series of categories describing what the issue relates to. The system will drill down with a series of short questions to try and gain as much detail as possible. The tenant then has the option to describe the maintenance issue along with the ability to upload images.

User Access
User Access
User Access

Verify & Submit

The system will automatically detect which property the maintenance issue relates to. This is based on the active tenancy for the tenant currently in Universal. All of the contact details for the tenant are already stored, so there is no need to make the tenant retype these details.

Tenants must agree to your terms and conditions before submitting and also specify if they wish to be present when the repairs take place.

Upload Pictures
Upload Pictures

Manage through to completion

Once submitted the property maintenance request will be synced directly into Universal including any images the tenant may have associated. The system will also generate an email alert which will send you the maintenance request, again with any images. The maintenance issue is now managed in Universal through to completion:

  • Associate a supplier with the job
  • Email tenants, landlords & suppliers
  • Follow up reminders
  • Create bills for the agreed works
  • Pay suppliers
  • Receive bill payment from landlord, or deduct from monthly rent
  • Historic records of all maintenance issues on a property

Upload Pictures

Email alerts
Mainteance Reporting Tool

"The property maintenance log is a great way of letting your tenants report any non-urgent maintenance issues with their rental property.

Tenants can report the issue on their smartphone and use the camera to take pictures of the issue when completing the form. This gives you the agent the full picture when it comes to assessing the problem. "

Richard Sunda